Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yes, it's true. Boydstun Trailers are coming back.

Behold: Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing - Coming Soon Portland, OR – Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing, formerly Boydstun Metal Works, is announcing its return to commercial auto transport equipment manufacturing effective August 1, 2014. Boydstun will begin taking equipment orders on June 16th and will deliver it first unit by August 30st. Initial production will include Boydstun’s 1901 soft tie cylinder Quick Load unit. Production of additional trailer models including the HS-7 car soft tie cylinder unit will begin February 2015. Boydstun will be opening a repair facility soon and will have a date posted on within the next 3 weeks. Over the past five years, there has been significant change within the industry. That, coupled with continued demand for Boydstun products, led to the decision to resume production to meet this demand. “I have greatly missed the relationships and challenges of meeting the design demands of our customers and the industry,” said company president Rob Boydstun. “We will continue offering our customers the high level of innovation and quality that they had come to expect.” About Boydstun For 20 years, Boydstun Metal Works was a leader in innovation and technology in the commercial car carrier industry. Opened in 1989, Boydstun was the largest manufacturer of commercial car carriers west of the Mississippi River. Now the company is looking forward to assuming a leadership role within the industry once again with a focus on design and quality. With its return, Boydstun is committed to providing the same innovation, technology and quality customer service it has been know for since its inception. Contact information: Rob Boydstun Phone: 503.849.7337 Email: