Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's going on with loads at UShip?

Can this be right? Over 49,000 Service Providers and 5,645 Active Listings?
That's a lot of guys with trucks chasing a much smaller amount of loads. I suppose the "New Bids" and "New Listings" stats are more indicative of who is doing what, and with whom.

Today's Marketplace Stats [from Uship website]

* Today's New Listings:351
* Today's New Bids:637
* Total Active Listings:5,645
* Total Service Providers:49,253
* Current Users Online:1,442

I think it would be interesting to quantify load price by mile and compare it with other dispatch boards. Could give consumers and providers an index to how efficiently priced their quotes are relative to the general market.

Chain prices going UP.

Just a word to the wise: if you anticipate buying auto tie-down chains in the next six months, better buy it before April.