Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blue Diamond Weave ratchet wheel strap: the best quality woven, cut, and stitched in the US.

This is my new favorite wheel strap.  You can't see it in this tiny picture, but this ratchet wheel strap is the product of a lot of innovation.  How can something as ordinary as a wheel strap be innovative you ask?  Plenty of ways.

  • The Diamond Weave webbing:  this material is woven in Chicago, IL, and received US Patent protection because of its superior abrasion resistance.  If you look at a detailed photo, or better yet, look at this product yourself in good lighting, you can see that the weaving technique is completely different.  This is not some "run-of-the-mill" webbing that you can buy anywhere.  The weave technique knots the fibers together, resulting in a thicker tighter weave that makes it more difficult to catch the yarns on edges.  In 50 hour abrasion tests, this product showed far less wear than a normal two inch strap.  Once you get one of these in your hand, you'll understand why they're a couple bucks more.
  • The ratchet handle:  this ratchet handle is the heaviest duty ratchet handle we have seen in almost ten years of sourcing ratchet handles.  It has heavier gauge metal on the sides, and the gear action is much more smooth.  You know how you sometimes have to "fight" with a new ratchet handle to get them to work properly.  You won't have to do that with this ratchet handle.  The fit and finish is as near perfect as you can get, and the component materials are top notch.
  • Other factors: the three rubber tread grabs are spaced evenly apart and held in place by black one inch webbing.  The stitching is performed in Texas on new, state-of-the-art sewing machines using the highest quality black thread material.  Shipping times from Texas are quick, in most cases three days are less, and cost is commensurately low because of this central location.  Last, but definitely not least, this product is woven in America and stitched up in America.  I'm not knocking stuff made in China-- I've seen good product coming out of that country, but this Blue Diamond Weave ratchet wheel strap is truly innovative.  You CAN'T buy a Chinese version of it, because it is under patent protection.
Folks, I love selling this product, because I know it's the absolute highest quality we have to offer.   I know that my customers are going to get lasting value out of it.   I know that when I write up an order for it, I'm adding hours on the clock for American workers.   I hope if you're in the market for some new ratchet wheel straps, you'll consider spending a couple bucks extra and seeing how much more your money can buy you right here in the good old USA.