Saturday, May 14, 2005

Reader Feedback

"If this is the"CARHAULER"news why aren't you reporting the news?90% of the post are for someone's monetary gain.The carhaul industry is in big trouble,The CORPORATE PIGS are trying to take it all and we take an excellent media outlet to hawk our wares and not present the facts,wake up."

Got this email today from a reader. Anybody who feels the same way should click the link in the top righthand corner and send me their news and/or opinion pieces. Ideally, I'd like 90% of content to be from readers reporting on the state of the industry as they see it in their locale.

Currently, most of the news is delivered to my email by Google 'bots which hunt for keywords embedded in news stories and websites posted to the Internet.

I do believe that the way to a higher quality of editorial content is through people in the industry taking the time to write in. Until that happens, however, I have to rely on the 'bots and my own (admittedly) self-serving press releases about my company's tiny corner of the car hauling industry.

Let me encourage everybody out there to write in. If you've got something to say to everybody in the industry, this is your forum.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Car Auction Opens in Florida

Insurance Auto Auctions Announces Opening of Greenfield Facility in Jacksonville, Florida:

Is Florida the car hauling capitol of the world? Sure seems like it.

How to Move 3000 Cars at Once.

TheHawaiiChannel - KITV 4 News - Shipping Company Hopes To Challenge Matson

And you thought your truck payments were high? I wonder how much they're paying every month for this baby. If you click on the link and watch the tv newscast, the anchowoman says at the end of the segment that Pasha gets $899 to move a car from CA to HI. That's potentially $2,697,000 per load.