Tuesday, September 09, 2008

National Association for Small Trucking Companies

Joe Pye, general manager of LMR Trucking told me today that they are seeing significant fuel cost savings as a result of their participation in the NASTC fuel program. Headquartered in Hendersonville, TN, NASTC provides lobbying efforts on behalf of small fleets, plus they have negotiated discounts on fuel, truck services, insurance and more.

Joe says annual dues to join are $350. He said that when they started using NASTC a little over a year ago, the amount their fleet of 14 trucks saved on fuel paid for that membership in one weekend!

LMR Trucking joined solely for the purpose of lowering their overall fuel costs, but Joe says there are plenty of other services available at a discounted rate through NASTC: drug screening, insurance, repair discounts, cell phone discountsetc.

Joe says that they tried the NASTC's driver hiring service, and it didn't really work for them, as most of the applicants had no prior auto transport experience. However, when he called to cancel the service, NASTC refunded his money without any hassle. Joe said that when they were first looking into the program, NASTC sent out a rep who dealt directly with their primary concerns about the fuel program-- and didn't try to sell them a bunch of stuff they weren't interested in.

For more information, you can call NASTC at 800-264-8580