Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Allied closing Janesville

Vehicle hauler to shut down Janesville terminal - The Business Journal of Milwaukee:
Allied Systems Holdings Ltd., a provider of vehicle-hauling services, has informed the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development that 100 jobs will be lost when it closes its terminal in Janesville at the end of February 2010.

In a mass layoff notice filed this week with the agency, Allied Systems Holdings, based in Atlanta, said its terminal operations at 544 Kellogg Ave. in Janesville will shut down on or around Feb. 26.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stolen Car Hauler!

Got this in an email this morning:

Sunday, December 12, our unit was Stolen from Manheim Statesville. I would appreciate it if you could post the following information on your site. I am also attaching pictures. If you cannot post this, I would appreciate your prayers and letting others know by word of mouth. Thank you!


2005 Peterbilt 379 EXHD Red vin#5N848819 C-15 Cat Engine, 10 Speed Trans. Burgundy and Grey Interior

2005 Cottrell High Rail Red Vin #5G005629

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tow dolly straps for all your friends...

This Christmas, why not buy your friends some tow dolly straps? Sure, it might sound like a lame gift, but a new set of tow dolly straps might keep their vehicle in tow from coming loose and passing them on the highway... which is what happened to the last customer I talked to on the telephone!
So... if you have friends who participate in the RV lifestyle... or who just tow stuff around for the hell of it, think about ordering them some replacement tow dolly straps before they become a headline! For a massive list of tow dolly straps.... from demco to uhaul to mastertow, etc.... go HERE.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Post loads automatically to central dispatch, carloadusa and more

I probably should have written about long ago, since I've been friends with these guys for about five years! CarloadUSA has worked out several really neat ways to post loads to their loadboard as well as others like central dispatch, 123loadboard, and more. If you have your broker authority, or have friends that do, pass this link on to them! It's a big time-saver.

And of course, if you're a driver looking for loads, you should try them out for a month or two, and see if they have loads in the lanes you run. Can't hurt, right?

How to find loads that pay.

Bogus hauler steals luxury cars from dealerships

Donna Harris
Automotive News
December 2, 2009 - 1:18 pm ET

The FBI confirms it is investigating a bogus car hauler who has stolen at least a dozen luxury vehicles from auto dealerships in several states.

FBI spokesman Ross Rice, in the agency's Chicago region, refused to discuss details of the pending case.

The National Auto Auction Association issued an alert to dealers and auctions the week before Thanksgiving warning that a thief or group of thieves stole the identity of a legitimate hauler, Atlas Towing and Recovery of Illinois. .

"If anyone does attempt to pick up (vehicle) releases using this company name, notify local law enforcement immediately," the alert says.

Alan Walker, director of security for Manheim Auto Auctions, said he believes the recent thefts are related to a similar transporter scam that occurred at an auction during the summer. Thieves posed as a hauler authorized to deliver vehicles to dealers who bought them at an online auction, he says. The thieves accessed data on the vehicles and the dealerships using the Internet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Heard GST is moving to California to pick up the Toyota business from Allied. Supposed to happen early next year. All company trucks and no owner ops. Kind of reverses some of the trends in the last few years, but who knows? Still hasn't happened.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What Boydstun is up to these days.

A new model - Oregon Business
PORTLAND When Rob Boydstun’s autocarrier manufacturing company near the Port of Portland was going the way of the rest of the auto industry, he decided to ditch it and re-create his business.

He chose an industry you wouldn’t expect in this recession — the housing industry.

Just in case you were wondering what Rob is up to these days.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Manheim Orlando Truck Theft Problem

Just spoke to a customer who said their Peterbilt was stolen at 8:00 in the morning last week at the Orlando Manheim auction. She said the police said that theirs was the 18th stolen truck this year. I don't know what you can do to guard against something like this... maybe put a denver boot on your truck or something.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Boydstun screw truck maintenance tip

Are the screw actuators on your Boydstun screw truck squealing like pigs? Try getting the SL-3195 Stayplex red grease... made by Staylube. You can get it at most NAPA stores. It is water repellent and should last you a couple weeks between applications. IF you want to save money, you can get a 120 lb keg of it for around $400.

This is the stuff they're using on the Toyota car haulers.

11/09/09 Addendum: More Boydstun parts available again here.

Sales UP

Light & Medium Truck | U.S. Auto Sales Increase in August
U.S auto sales increased 1% in August, the first time since 2007 that monthly sales figures increased versus year-ago levels, Bloomberg News reported.

Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. all posted gains for the month, as the federal government’s “cash for clunkers” program brought shoppers to showrooms. While these gains were offset by sales declines for General Motors Co., Chrysler Group LLC and Nissan Motor Co., the boon created by “clunkers” pushed total industry sales to 1.26 million, a 1% increase over August, 2007 levels, Bloomberg said.

Just last week, a full boat of Toyotas hit the west coast-- 5000 Scions, Lexus, and FJ cruisers were moved out of the port in the space of four days!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Border ban

BBC NEWS | Americas | Border ban angers Mexico truckers

OK, but if you read the article, it talks about the Mexican driver being on the road without significant breaks for 18 hours!  If it comes down to a choice between providing opportunity for Mexican trucking companies and public safety, public safety must always win. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Case of Maag & Wendler

Cottrell, URS Midwest named in another injury suit | Madison/St. Clair Record
Cottrell, URS Midwest named in another injury suit

7/24/2009 10:44 AM
By Kelly Holleran

A man and his wife have filed suit against two trucking companies after they say the man fell from the top of a rig.

Dale and Lori Presnell claim Dale Presnell worked as a car hauler for URS Midwest and was using a Cottrell trailer on Dec. 18 when the incident occurred.

"Plaintiff, while attempting to maneuver on the upper deck of the rig in the course of his duties as a truck driver, sustained severe and permanent injuries when he fell from the top of the rig," the suit states.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tennessee couple sues Cottrell, Nissan in St. Clair County | Madison/St. Clair Record

Tennessee couple sues Cottrell, Nissan in St. Clair County

7/22/2009 2:49 PM
By Kelly Holleran

A Tennessee man and woman say the man was permanently disabled while performing his normal work duties as a car hauler.

Jeffrey T. and Angela Ellis filed a lawsuit July 17 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Hansen and Adkins Auto Transport, Nissan North America and Cottrell.

The plaintiffs claim Jeffrey Ellis was originally hired by Premium of Tennessee but was leased to Hansen to perform car hauling duties.

While operating a ratchet and tie down system as part of his duties on July 21, 2008, Jeffrey Ellis received disfiguring and permanent injuries because of the force he was required to exert on the system, according to the complaint.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Rumor has it that PacLease is getting into auto transport equipment directly, as well as service. They are reportedly in the process of opening up a shop in the Dallas, TX area. Car Transport and Northside just closed their shops. What does Paccar see in their crystal ball that the rest of us have missed?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Too much weed in that microbus?

Independent - June 29, 2009: Car-hauler caught with 460 pounds of marijuana
Car-hauler caught with 460 pounds of marijuana

I'm telling you, it's just not worth whatever they're saying they'll pay you to haul certain loads.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cash for clunkers law could jumpstart auto sales

AutoNation Says ‘Clunker Law’ May Boost Sales by 10% (Update1) -
June 25 (Bloomberg) -- AutoNation Inc. said the “cash-for- clunkers” law President Barack Obama signed may increase new- vehicle sales at the largest publicly traded U.S. auto retailer by 10 percent through year end.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Maag & Wendler lawsuit.

Car hauler sues workers' comp administrator over discovery of private med info | Madison/St. Clair Record
Car hauler sues workers' comp administrator over discovery of private med info

6/18/2009 2:22 PM
By Kelly Holleran

A car hauler says he has been damaged by more than $100,000 after his workers' compensation administrator discovered some of his confidential medical information.

Chester Belleville says he began receiving workers' compensation from Zurich Services Corporation on March 18, 2008, after he was injured while working as a car hauler.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jack Cooper Lawsuit

Injured car haulers target Jack Cooper Transport | Madison/St. Clair Record
Injured car haulers target Jack Cooper Transport

6/19/2009 12:33 PM
By Kelly Holleran

Two car haulers and their wives are suing an employee of Jack Cooper Transport, alleging the haulers fell while walking on the rigs of trailers.

Gary and Diana Smith and John and Jackie Street filed two separate lawsuits June 11 in Madison County Circuit Court against Roger Owens.

The Smiths say Gary Smith was performing his normal duties as a car hauler on Oct. 30, 2007, when he was injured while maneuvering on the upper deck of the rig.

The Streets say John Street fell while using a Cotrell rig on Oct. 26, 2007.

The rigs were supposed to have a non-skid paint surface, but the Smiths allege many Jack Cooper Transport employees have been injured while walking on the upper deck of rigs in attempt to accomplish their trucking duties.

"Jack Cooper Transport and its officers, directors and supervisors have been aware for many years that its employees claim to have been injured in the above described manner and may bring product liability lawsuits," the complaints say. "Jack Cooper Transport has participated in such lawsuits both formally and informally over the years."

So after Gary Smith's and John Street's falls, Roger Owens, the Jack Cooper Transport employee named as a defendant, ordered the trailers on which the men fell to be refurbished after their accidents, according to the complaints.

Owens failed to preserve the trailer on which Gary Smith fell, according to the complaint.

Now, the trailer as it existed on the date of Gary Smith's accident is unavailable for forensic analysis and Gary Smith and John Street say they could potentially lose their rights to compensation.
The Smiths and the Streets are each seeking a judgment of more than $50,000, plus costs.

Peter J. Maag of Wendler Law in Edwardsville will be representing them.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Nowhere to go but up?

Car buyers may be cautiously coming back - Autos-
May sales data appeared to confirm a bottoming in the U.S. car market, however. On Tuesday, Ford Motor Co. reported a 24 percent drop in U.S. sales for May, but sales were up 20 percent from April. GM's sales in May fell 30 percent versus a year ago, but were up 11 percent from April.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jack Cooper Lawsuit

Madison County Record | Jack Cooper Transport sued by car hauler
Jack Cooper Transport sued by car hauler

6/4/2009 12:43 PM
By Kelly Holleran

A Missouri resident and his wife have filed suit against the company that trained the man, alleging his back was injured because of car hauler work he performed.

William Henderson and Angie Henderson say William Henderson was injured while operating ratchet tie down systems in November 2007 for his employer, Jack Cooper Transport Company.  (click link to read more)

I think Wendler & Maag are some of the attorneys working on this-- same ones who went after Cassens, Cottrell, et. al. 

Portland car hauler repair shop

Didn't realize this, but Gary and Curtis up at Pacific Coast Truck and Trailer have now passed their five year mark in business. They specialize in car hauler repair, and perform warranty work on Cottrells. They also have a Take 3 trailers, and stock a few trailers at their shop. They are right off I-5, so if you're heading through Portland and need a hydraulic repair or some welding, keep them in mind. For those of you who used to use the Boydstun repair shop, you'll appreciate that they are much closer to the highway! Here's their phone number, just to make life easier for you. (866) 335-3707

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Where will the GM cars be hauled?

GM says it will try to close 2,100 dealerships as part of reorganization - San Jose Mercury News

Somebody said they needed cars to haul?

OK, so now they're talking about closing 2100 dealerships instead of the 1100 they were talking about last month. The question that springs to my mind is this: Where are all those cars going to go? Other dealers? Back to GM? Are they going to sink them off the coast of Florida and create valuable habitat for marine life?

It's rumored that the units will go back to GM, and then be re-distributed to the remaining dealers. Seems more likely that this would happen on paper, rather than at fifty cents a mile. Even if they apportion cars on paper, and then transfer [physically, not financially] dealer to dealer, it's still a huge logistical problem.

Who is going to broker out these loads? The Secretary of the Treasury?

I don't think so. If I had to bet, I'd lay money on your good old neighborhood delivery man: UPS. For years, UPS has sent their consultants into some of the largest manufacturers in the US to squeeze cost out of their inbound and outbound logistics chains. If I was looking to sell the services of my large fleet of auto transport trucks, I'd be calling 1-800-PICK-UPS and trying to find out how to get on their short list of service providers.

Monday, June 01, 2009

GM Bankruptcy

BBC NEWS | Business | GM enters bankruptcy protection
What this means for car haulers pulling GM product is anybody's guess.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GM bankruptcy a foregone conclusion?

Light & Medium Truck | Report: U.S. to Steer GM toward Bankruptcy
Report: U.S. to Steer GM toward Bankruptcy

By Light & Medium Truck

The Obama administration is preparing to send General Motors into bankruptcy as early as this week under a plan that would give the automaker tens of billions of dollars more in government loans as it works to restructure its operations and relieve its heavy debt load, The Washington Post reported

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beware the busted cylinder beast!

A busted cylinder can cost you time and money, usually at the time you can least afford it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Boydstun Shuts Doors?

Our Store Is Closed
Our Store Is Closed
To all our valued customers, On behalf of our owner Rob Boydstun and the parts sales team we regret to inform you that after 20 years of business we are having to close our doors. Thank you for all your patronage and support. Boydstun Metal Works

Left a message at their main number yesterday and today, but nobody returned my phone call to comment on the text posted on the parts page on their website.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fahrvergn├╝gen = Farfrommoving?

Heard there are around 15,000 Volkswagens down in San Diego. The growth business in So Cal seems to involve trips to vacant lots.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another car hauler plaintiff represented by Maag & Wendler.

Madison County Record | Car hauler claims he was released to work too soon
Car hauler claims he was released to work too soon

2/26/2009 10:41 AM
By Kelly Holleran

Timothy McNary has filed suit against a St. Clair County man, alleging the man released him to return to work as a car hauler even though he was not physically able to do so.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Looking for loads? Look before you leap.

If you are trolling looking for loads, make sure you understand the bidding process. This site has some scary stories about Uship. For those of you who are noobies, U ship is a web-based platform that allow consumers and moving and auto transport service providers to conduct business via a bidding process. It's pretty interesting service, but those bids are binding, so be careful.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hauling smart cars-- short video

Check out that trailer. Very unusual, at least to my eyes. Have to say-- enjoyed hearing Rihanna in the background.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cars piling up on east coast

Vehicle glut at Baltimore port; state buys new lot -
BALTIMORE (Map, News) - Maryland port officials are reporting a surge in the number of unsold automobiles waiting at the port of Baltimore to head to dealers around the country.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toyota in crisis mode.

The latest, according to Forbes:
Toyota Motor's incoming president, Akio Toyoda, has promised to make aggressive changes. They're already happening.

Read the rest of the Forbes article here:

The Car Hauler Angle?

Toyota is enacting "belt-tightening" measures across the board, and not just by throttling back production lines. On the west coast, looks like Toyota has decided to lengthen the average life of their car hauler fleet. They are holding on to their pre-emission '05 models for another couple years.

I'm hearing that there are four yards in So. Cal., each with 18k-20k unsold units. That amount of un-sold iron appears to be weighing heavily on the minds of the leadership of Toyota.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How wheel straps are made.

Just in case any car haulers out there want to see how wheel strap tie-down systems are made!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you must use axle straps, this is the one to use.

This is the best sort of axle strap-- allows you to use T hook. This will help you avoid the annoying tendency most axle straps have of slipping off the hook when you're crawling around in the dark, trying not to to dislocate your shoulder. Plus, you can use that grab hook on the cluster chain to take up the slack. Very nice.