Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Revenue America News Release: January 22, 2007.

Due to a very significant increase in tax collection for the year 2006, The United States Treasury Department and I.R.S. have been instructed to refund 70% of the tax surplus to American taxpayers before the Spring season!

Average refund will be between $3000 to $6500 for a married couple, and $1500 to $3250 for a single person.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This has nothing to do with car hauling

But it is definitely "Must See TV"!

Boydstun Metal Works Launches New Parts Website

Got this press release today from the folks at Boydstun.
Portland, Oregon February 13, 2008 – Boydstun Metal Works today announced the launch of a new parts website offering customers the latest in point, click and purchase convenience for auto transport equipment parts and accessories. The site,, can be reached directly or by clicking on the parts tab of the Boydstun Metal Works corporate site,

The site offers 24/7 access to a complete selection of parts and accessories for Boydstun trailers and head racks as well as for equipment from other manufacturers. Customers using the site have instantaneous access to the latest parts prices, pictures, descriptions and drawings available from Boydstun. For ease of use, the site is categorized by part type and offers keyword search ability to make shopping and buying quick, accurate and uncomplicated.

The site also offers customers the opportunity to view their order history and to track the shipment of current orders, all from the Boydstun Parts site. The site offers complete privacy and credit card security and all orders placed at Boydstun are shipped the same day if they are received by 2:00pm Pacific time.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New website for car haulers

Dave at E-Z Dispatch just started a new blog you might want to bookmark:

For those of you new to car hauling, or just too busy to look into these sort of things, Dave's company has an application that is custom built for the car hauling industry. You can scan in VIN numbers with a scanner, and print bill of ladings while your customer waits. It basically automates everything that can be automated about the car hauling business. I've seen it myself, and it works. Additionally, you can dispatch load info to drivers via cell phones. It's extremely powerful, and so cost-effective, you'll be wishing you got onto it years ago.