Monday, April 26, 2010

Convert your chain truck to a strap truck

We got some pics from one of our friends down in Jacksonville, Florida... T&C Welding is now offering a pretty snazzy solution for guys who want to convert their chain trucks over to strap. Here is a a few pics of their quick release strap box:

They also can modify your hauler so you can lower the top deck almost all the way down... allowing you to strap the cars down with your feet flat on the ground. If you're tiring of lugging around a bunch of hand ratchets, this could be a good investment for you. Junior has been building these systems for the past couple years for a local Jacksonville hauler, so he's had time to get the kinks out of the system. If you're interested in saving some weight (and saving your back), you should look into this system. It's a lot more affordable then selling your chain truck and buying a strap unit. Cost is about $1500 per deck, i.e., per auto. Lowering kit runs about $5,500 to $6,000 to do.
For more information on this system, give T & C Welding a call at (904) 778-7711