Friday, January 18, 2008

New forum for car haulers

The Autohauler Shopper website has a new bulletin board for car haulers:
Here is the link:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Car hauler repair shops, continued.

Another place I didn't think to mention in the last post is T and C Welding in Jacksonville, FL. They build head racks and also do repairs on auto transport equipment. Called down there this morning, and just found out that Junior sold the company to Walter and Peggy Frobos. Walter used to work at T and C Welding before working a few years at Southeast Transport, the Florida Toyota hauler. With his latest move, Walter comes round full circle. Congratulations, Walter and Peggy! If you need repairs on your car hauler, you couldn't find better folks to deal with. T & C Welding is located at 13910 Normandy Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. Their phone number is 904-778-7711.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Good places to go for auto transport trailer repair

Came across a new company specializing in auto transport repair, and it reminded me I was going to start keeping a list of all the car hauler repair places...

If you are in anywhere near Ft. Worth, Texas, there is a new company doing lots of work on car haulers that you should know about.

Texas Trailer Masters
5420 south Fwy (I-20 & 35W)
Ft Worth, TX 76115
Phone Number: 817-922-0089
Contact: John and Christi

These guys took over the same place occupied by Southwest Truck and Trailer Sales before they went out of business. There is also a trailer sales outfit right next door that is doing a lot with auto transport equipment. The main guy to talk to there is Esteban.

5420 I-35W
Fort Worth, Texas, 76115
USA Phone: (817)923-8500
Fax: (817)923-8501

On the west coast, you should know that TEC equipment has finally opened their new facility on
Vancouver way, and they have dedicated a lot of time and money to this facility, and (most importantly in my humble opinion) they have hired someone who has experience with auto transport trailer repair. There is also another company in Portland called Pacific Truck and Trailer Repair that does quite a bit with car haulers. And last, but definitely not least, Boydstun has a repair shop in Portland.

Also on the west coast, up around Seattle, is Auto Transport Repair, owned by Randy Swift. Randy has forgotten more than most people will ever know about auto transport equipment. I know some of Randy's customers, and the thing you need to know here is-- they are happy customers. 206-383-0931 Auto Transport Repair. He does warranty work for Cottrell and Boydstun.

Down in Fontana, California, we have heard good things about Chris Quality Welding at 15252 Slover Ave. Phone 909-823-6180.

Another good place to go is Paul Lugo's shop 11001 Beech Avenue. Phone 800-823-2350
Paul Lugo has been around car haulers for a long, long time, and does warranty work for Cottrell as well as Boydstun.

Two other car hauler repair places in Fontana, CA:

Jake Blackwell, Young's Auto Transport Repair 11021 Almond Ave
Phone: (909) 355-1701

Jake does everything from simple repairs to complete refurb jobs on any type of carhauler.

Jake isn't too far away from

JM Trailer 11060 Calabash Avenue
Phone: 909-822-9711

A good spot down in Alabama is North East Auto Truck Brokers. They do a lot of refurb work on Cottrell trailers. Benny Dean down there is another guy who has an encylopedic memory of the auto transport industry and the different equipment that is out there. He is located at 690 County Rd 370
Crossville, AL 35962
256-561-4068 Telephone
256-561-4098 FAX

I'll be adding to the list as I come across these shops.