Friday, September 05, 2008

Pounds of pot found in car hauler

Pounds of pot found in western, northern NM - Las Cruces Sun-News: "In Gallup, authorities at the port of entry became suspicious of the cargo on a car hauler being inspecting Tuesday morning. Inside one of the cars on the hauler was 129 pounds of marijuana in duffel bags.

Authorities arrested Peter Harris, 28, and Fabian Williams, 31, both of Florida."

129 lbs? That's some pretty serious quantity... and serious jail time, too. And if you inform on the dude you're hauling for-- possibly even worse consequences for you or your friends and family. That's what you'd call a lose-lose situation. Let those guys haul their own drugs. Seriously.

Another drugs & car hauler story

DPS dog sniffs out hidden drugs in truck being hauled on I-10 | ®: "The Arizona Department of Public Safety discovered drugs inside a pickup truck being carried on a car hauler east of Tucson Tuesday morning.
At 10:46 a.m., on Interstate 10 east of Tucson between the turnoff to Arizona 83 and Benson, a Department of Public Safety officer stopped an eastbound car hauler, said Carmen Figueroa, spokeswoman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
A drug sniffing dog alerted the officer to the odor of drugs in a pickup truck, she said. They found drugs in a false bed or a pickup, she said."

Sounds like this driver had nothing to do with it. Folks, I'm telling you, the drug enforcement authorities are focusing their attention on car haulers. Keep your nose clean! (literally AND figuratively) You don't want to haul some loads. Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Car hauler busted for hauling $3M of coke

CRIME Blog | The Dallas Morning News: "The government presented evidence at trial that Watkins, and his co-defendant, Steven Alexander Aaron, 37, were arrested on April 22, 2008, after their eastbound vehicle, a tractor-trailer car hauler, was stopped by a West Central Texas Interlocal Crime Task Force Officer on Interstate 20, near mile marker 266, in Taylor County, Texas, because it didn't have secure chains or a license plate. Aaron was driving the vehicle; Watkins was the sole passenger. The car hauler was loaded with a maroon Chrysler minivan and a black Range Rover. After obtaining Aaron's consent, the officers searched the tractor-trailer and the two loaded vehicles, and discovered six bricks of cocaine in a black backpack in the rear hatch of the Range Rover. Testimony at trial showed that Watkins had hidden the backpack in the Range Rover. The street value of the cocaine in the backpack is approximately $3 million."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Car hauler: help wanted in Portland, Oregon

We need car haulers in the Portland area to help us demonstrate a bunch of new products. We're chomping at the bit to use some new video equipment we just purchased. If you've got a three car trailer or a stacker unit, we'd like to talk to you. Call 503-342-2085.