Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No more Caterpillar engines for the US?

Light & Medium Truck | Caterpillar Exits U.S. Truck Market, Partners With Navistar: "Caterpillar Exits U.S. Truck Market, Partners With Navistar

In an agreement that signaled a major shift in the U.S. and international commercial truck markets, Navistar International and Caterpillar Inc. said Thursday they will pursue business opportunities around the world together as Caterpillar bowed out of the North American medium- and heavy-duty engine mark"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

CEO of strikebound car hauler: Company to close -

CEO of strikebound car hauler: Company to close - "'Unfortunately, for reasons we do not fully understand, the Teamsters concluded that it was not in their interest to accept our offer,' Cornish wrote.

'Management and many of our Teamster members were willing to make the requested sacrifices to save the company, but the leadership of the union had a different agenda,' Cornish added.

Ford spokesman Todd Nissen and Toyota spokesman Xavier Dominicis said Friday evening that the automakers have had contingency plans in place since the Teamsters struck PTS, which is one of many companies contracted to haul vehicles.

'This won't have a bearing initially on our ability to deliver cars out to the customers,' Nissen said. Alternatives might include greater use of railroads to deliver vehicles, he said."

PTS group ceases operations

| Business | "Car hauler decides to cease operations

DETROIT -- Performance Transportation Services' president said Friday that the car hauler and its related companies are ceasing operations, five days after 1,250 Teamster employees went on strike. Allen Park, Mich.-based PTS is North America's second-largest hauler of new vehicles and operated under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company anticipated negotiating a long-term contract during that time, but the Teamsters instead went on strike Monday. -- The Associated Press"