Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More news about the lawyer who sued Cottrell

Madison County Record | Maag seeks $75 reinstatement fee from Circuit Clerk

4/9/2008 11:26 AM
By Steve Korris

Thomas Maag
Attorney Thomas Maag of Edwardsville insists that Madison County Circuit Clerk Matt Melucci owes him $75.

Maag paid Melucci $75 to reinstate a personal injury suit in March and promptly petitioned Circuit Judge Daniel Stack for a refund.

Maag wrote, '…the Clerk is confused"

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sterling Shorty Auto Hauler

Portland, Oregon- April 8,2008- Boydstun Metal Works announced today that they now offer a modified version of the Sterling Auto Hauler that will reduce the overall tractor height to 91.75 inches.

One of the critical success factors in auto hauling is maximizing load factors. The lower height that results from the Boydstun modification gives customers the ability to transport larger vehicles over the cab.